Carriers Enabling WebRTC and Bringing its Benefits to the Enterprise as a Continuation of SIP Trunking and Voice Service Offerings

We are seeing great interest from the largest carriers to bring WebRTC to the enterprise. Ingate’s Q-TURN technology allows carriers to enable WebRTC usage and provide the quality bandwidth required for the enterprise LAN. And with Ingate’s WebRTC & SIP Companion product in progress, carriers can integrate the functions and features of WebRTC with the enterprise PBX or UC (Unified Communications) solution.

Deploying such WebRTC technology and function in a CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) at the carrier demarcation point can be seen as the continuation of today’s offerings of voice services. This was demonstrated and discussed at the recent Ingate SIP Trunking, UC and WebRTC Seminars at ITEXPO in Miami Beach, USA. View the presentation.

Today, carriers are selling voice services with their quality IP connections for the enterprises, such as SIP trunks for connecting IP-PBXs or UC solutions, hosted voice (a PBX in the cloud) or managed voice (an on-premise PBX) together with desktop phones. The carrier’s demarcation point is often an E-SBC-like CPE.

With the Ingate WebRTC & SIP Companion product in progress, carriers will get an CPE to offer both SIP and WebRTC services to their customers.

Ingate’s Q-TURN will be available as an upgrade to existing Ingate SIParator® E-SBCs. It will also be part of the upcoming Companion product to:

  • Allow enterprises to access WebRTC cloud services, even though they may have restrictive firewalls that otherwise block WebRTC usage on the LAN.
  • Give quality bandwidth to WebRTC media, that otherwise have to compete with data in congested firewalls.

In addition, the Ingate Companion product, brings the following WebRTC features to the enterprise PBX or UC solution:

  • Click-to-dial buttons at the enterprise website (The call center killer application)
  • Web browser clients from simple voice to multi-party ad hoc video conferencing
  • Both LAN and excellent remote usage: Use WebRTC everywhere you can surf!
  • Smartphone telephony apps (3rd party), allowing fixed line carriers to become mobile virtual operators with a superior OTT service.

Click here for a wider overview of Ingate’s forthcoming WebRTC-related technology and products, as the standard evolves and WebRTC becomes available.

The Ingate WebRTC solutions in progress have the outstanding and widely used Ingate E-SBC products as their foundation. The proven Ingate NAT/firewall traversal, security, interoperability, SIP features, reliability and compatibility are essential for a product like the Companion. All products come both as appliances and as software for virtual machines.

Ingate’s WebRTC Products in Progress 

WebRTC & SIP Companion Public Test Site is a live test site demonstrating some features and benefits that the Ingate WebRTC & SIP Companion brings to the enterprise PBX or UC solution infrastructure.

Try out using Chrome or Firefox:

  • Browser-to-browser HD video calls and ad hoc videoconferencing with your friends
  • Register as a remote WebRTC SIP client to Your[1] PBX!
  • Make SIP and PSTN calls (both ways; available anywhere) as you would with existing enterprise phones or soft clients.
  • Try click-to-call button for the company web site or call center
  • Copy and paste a link into an email or IM so people can click and call you at Your SIP address
  • Test including a link in a Webex-invitation for connecting to Your conference bridge
  • Screen-sharing! Show your screen (only with Chrome, entering using https, after download of specified extension under ”Configure”)

(Firefox has somewhat less functionality. Apple’s Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer prompts for a plug-in giving WebRTC capability.)

The WebRTC & PBX Companion also includes Ingate’s Q-TURN technology, enabling WebRTC’s high-quality video and audio into the enterprise LAN (QoS), but this is not demonstrated at this test site (since You only access from the WAN side).

[1] If Your existing enterprise PBX or UC solution allows standard SIP clients to be used from public IP addresses, its resources now become available everywhere you can surf!

Early Development Access Available For OEM Partners and Telecom Developers

The Ingate WebRTC products are in progress: They are not yet launched products, but selected partners are integrating.

The WebRTC & SIP Companion is a product for PBX, UC solutions and call center vendors, to be integrated with their products through their web applications. Ingate provides an SDK and example application, as seen at the test site. Carriers and virtual operators are also developing products based on the Companion WebRTC to SIP gateway and the Q-TURN technology.

The E-SBC Q-TURN technology is to be included as a module in the Ingate’s next major software release of the SIParator, the well-known line of enterprise session border controllers (E-SBCs), once the standards for WebRTC browsers’ usage of network provided TURN servers are set.

Ingate’s Q-TURN technology is also for carriers to provide a “WebRTC-ready” broadband access, both for fixed and mobile OTT/Internet access. The fixed access covers the range from the largest enterprise to SMB and even residential deployments. The mobile 3G and 4G WebRTC-ready access brings quality and real-time usage accounting to the OTT channel.

An overview of Ingate’s WebRTC-related technology and upcoming products is provided here

All products also include Ingate’s proven E-SBC, the SIParator®.

Q-TURN for the Enterprise: TURN server in the Ingate SIParator® E-SBC to enable and give quality to WebRTC and SIP-based real-time communication.




Q-TURN for Carriers and Network Providers: Offer a “WebRTC-Ready” broadband access!






WebRTC & SIP Companion: Give the enterprise PBX and UC solution all the benefits of WebRTC. The PBX, call center and UC solution infrastructure will be integrated with the WebRTC world.

Try it at:




Ingate welcomes select major and qualified developing partners: PBX-, firewall- and telecom-equipment vendors, carriers and telecom service providers. Early prototypes and SDK are available.


Read more about Q-TURN

Read more about the WebRTC & SIP PBX Companion


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For Network Service Providers, ISPs

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Ingate’s WebRTC Offerings
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For PBX & UC Solution Vendors

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Q-TURN Enabling WebRTC
Firewall traversal, Quality, Accounting for WebRTC

  • Enables WebRTC traffic through restrictive enterprise firewalls
  • Prioritization and traffic shaping for high-quality voice and video
  • Diffserv or RVSP quality of service (QoS) over the network
  • Authentication, allowance to use the high-quality TURN path
  • Accounting, reporting usage of the high-quality TURN path

The WebRTC & SIP PBX Companion

Integrates WebRTC with your PBX and UC Solution

  • The Web browser as the PBX soft client
  • The Web browser for remote users
  • Click on the company web site to dial in 
  • Pass a link to persons for joining a call


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